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What can be painted during the event?

It is extremely entertaining for people to see how the blank canvas turns into beautiful artwork. But what exactly can be painted during the event?

The painting object or scene depends on the event type and the client's preferences.

👉 For live wedding painting, for example, the most popular is a ceremony or first dance scenes. However, if you have something else in mind that can also be arranged.

🤓 Panting object or scene is an important part of the live event painting and is being discussed in details prior to the event.

👉 For a corporate event, it can be a scene from an event or something related to the company or to the specific event, for example, if it is a new product release celebration, it can be a painting of the product, why not? 😉

👉 For the Birthday celebration, it can also be a scene from the event or something else as creative as you can get! Get a birthday girl portrait painted or make it in the style of a comic book with something funny about the birthday guy, options are endless. 🤩

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