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Have an 

Artist Painting Live 

at Your Event!


Who We Are & What We Do

We are a team of professional artists, who can:


- come to your event and entertain your guests by painting live;

- capture one of the most important and great moments of your life;


- make a painting that you can use for home or office decoration to make your room stunning;

 - make a painting that will be also reminding you of these wonderful times for long years.

Our Work Examples

live painter

Gorgeous Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Live Painting to Capture a Beautiful Wedding Ceremony.

Congratulations Bali and Navi, The Stolen Art team wishes you long and happy life together!

live painting wedding

Creative Culver City, CA

Live Painting at a corporate event.

Congratulations with a new product line, Alterna (Henkel)!

live painter at wedding

Stylish West Hollywood, CA

Live Painting at a big Birthday Celebration for Dennis and Ashleigh.

Areas That We Serve


Contact us to check availability for other locations




What Are Your Pricing?

We have all-inclusive flat-rate prices.

Our prices mostly depend on event location, painting size and artist stay time.

Please contact us for more details.

What Areas Do You Serve?

We serve Los Angeles and Southern California area.

Other locations can be served with extra transportation fees. Please contact us for details.

Will It Bring Any Mess?

We cover the floor at the painting area and put easel far from the walls enough, so there are no paint stains after. We also clean up before we go, so there is no trash left either. We also provide with vendor insurance if required by the venue.

What Are The Guarantees That I Like A Finished Painting?

If I Already Have A Painting I Want In My Mind Can You Do That?

Sure, we do fully custom paintings. We will discuss all the details with you prior to the event. Please contact us for further information.

How Long Will You Be Staying At The Event?

Our usual staying time is 4 hours. However, if you would like us to stay more or less time we can arrange that. Please contact us for a custom stay time.

Will I Get A Painting Right After Event?

The painting will be started at the event and a big part of it is going to be finished closer to the end. For the best results, we usually take a painting to the studio to complete the details.

After a ready painting is confirmed with you, it is going to be delivered to you at no extra cost.

Complete turnaround time is  7 to 40 days approximately.

If you need the painting to be completed at the event, most of the times it can be arranged.

Please contact us.

We will send you a picture of your ready painting prior delivery so that you can either confirm it or request some changes and corrections. Again, at no extra cost.


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