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The Stolen is a fine art services company.

It is an Art Brand, that was founded by an artist.

The Stolen offers art services like custom paintings, portraits from a photo, photo to painting, live wedding painting, live birthday painting, live corporate event painting, etc



"the warmth, that matters..."


It all started in 2014. The original idea was to create an online art store - art brand, that would perfectly serve the goal of finding amazing artwork for decorating an interior. When I was looking through several online stores and galleries, I noticed, that there are a lot of different paintings, but not that many can be used for a creation of stylish, beautiful and modern interior design. Moreover, I couldn't find any artists or companies, that would design and make wall art specifically for interior design purposes; although there are a lot of details to think about, like size, style, materials, colors etc; and what exactly can be used well in interior and what's not.​


"The original concept almost varnished..."

The real work started in April 2015. Since then so much changed. The original concept almost varnished, but so much better one came to replace.

While offering only ready paintings and prints I got a request for a portrait from photo and happily accepted that order. After that, I started getting more and more portraits orders and started focusing on this type of service more.

I came up with different types of portraits to offer, added photo to painting service and found some artists to help me.


But that isn't the end of the journey. After I came up with an idea of offering live painting at events like weddings, birthdays parties, etc, which appeared to be a pretty successful project.​


The main question.

With all that being done I kept wondering: what it is that people are really looking for when ordering a portrait or a live painting service at their wedding?


One time I got a photo as a submission for an order. It was a hand of an older person in a hospital holding a hand of a young person.


It touched me so much. I couldn't hold my tears.

And that was the day I realized what The Stolen is really about.


What it is really about.

The Stolen is about relationships, people, the warmth, that they give to another person when giving them a Christmas portrait gift, the warmth, that matters.

I am so grateful to be a part of this incredible, such a deep and fundamental value.

- Mariia Malygina



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