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Current Open Positions

Gallery Artist



- Provide with ready paintings for sale;

- Provide with correct and full descriptions of the paintings submitted;

- Contact with inventory updates of listed for sale paintings in a timely manner;

- Drop off sold paintings (in Glendale, CA);

- Please contact us for pricing, fees and percentages information.


Commissions Artist


- Reliable and experienced artists only;

- Update with availability for offered projects in a timely manner;

- Follow deadlines;

- Hand-paint portraits from photos;

- Turn photos to paintings;

- Live painting performance at the events

(within Southern California);

- Work on corrections requested by a client;

- Drop off finished paintings (in Glendale, CA);

- Part-time, occasional work;

- $200 - $1000 per order.

Social Media Manager / Marketing Specialist: Intern


- Part-time, remote;

- Approximately 6 hours per month;

- Select content for social media accounts;

- Work with photo/video editor;

- Write, schedule and post content to accounts;

- Improve a monthly number of potential customers by improving content and marketing strategies.

Not Currently Available

Affiliate Marketer


- Market products and services independently;

- Commission: 7% of the sale amount ($20 - $210 per sale). 

- Click here to learn more.


Feel Free to Contact Us

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