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Live wedding painting. What to expect.

live wedding artist

Your wedding is one of the biggest and one of the most important events in your life. Surely, you want everything to go perfect 👌. While live wedding painting is getting more and more popular it is still a pretty new thing. If you have no idea at all what live wedding painting is, you can do 1-minute reading to understand the core concept here 👉 What is live event painting.

So what can you expect when you are getting an event painter? 🎨

First of all, I must say that service may vary from one live painting artist to another one. So before you make your choice along with getting their work examples ask about their regular processes and what is included in the price and what would be extra to make sure that their offer matches your expectations, your event, and your wishes.

Here is the general process step by step 👇

1. Consultation 🤓 This is an over the phone/in-person/over the email etc communication with a candidate to be your live wedding artist when you can explain what you want to get and learn more about their workflow, get quotes and discuss other details like painting size, scene (ceremony or first dance or something else. Learn more about What can be painted during live painting at the event), etc.

2. Date reservation 📅 All live painting artists have limited availability, and if you would like them to reserve your date, they would have to reject all future inquiries for this day. So to make sure that you are serious about your booking they most likely going to ask you for a reservation deposit. Sometimes it can be refundable under certain conditions and sometimes it might be non-refundable. So make sure to double-check that before booking.

3. Reservation confirmation ✅ The artist will contact you a certain amount of time before the wedding to confirm the reservation and discuss any details left. Ask about the day you can expect that call or email, as most likely the payment is going to be due at that time as well, so you are prepared for that.

4. And...The Day of your wedding!!! 👰🏼 Artist is going to arrive before agreed painting start time to do a setup. Then he/she is going to start the painting from sketching the background decorations and guests. After that, the live wedding artist is going to start painting in color and will add the bride and the groom to the painting. All guests will be able to see the process of a blank canvas turning into artwork and get amazed 😲 by seeing something so special at your wedding. Usually, the artist also takes a photo of the desired scene that he/she will be able to reference later.

5. Finalizing the painting.