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Find The Best Place To Order A Hand-Painted Portrait From A Photo

In our "million products and services" world it might be hard sometimes to pick a company you can trust. Especially if you know little to nothing about the product particularities.

Deciding where to get the portrait from isn’t that straightforward either.

The good news: we are an art pro and we are ready to help!

Outlined below are some of the options available to you:

Ordering from Outside the Country

Online shopping and payment options give you the freedom to select a vendor and product, that matches your requirements, from anywhere in the world. Countries like China offer just about any product you might need at a considerably cheaper price as compared to the vendors in the USA. Same goes for portraits.

But this convenience comes with several strings attached. The portrait you order will definitely be cheaper, but there will be no guarantee of its quality and timely delivery. There will be no way to ascertain if the portrait is hand painted or not and whether the artist is qualified enough to be trusted with it.

Also, most likely, the portrait will be rolled up prior to delivery. This will incur extra costs and hassle to get it straightened out and framed. Another issue is that most such vendors may not offer fully custom ones.

If the price is the most important aspect for you right now, you can easily find these companies by googling "order portrait from china".

Ordering directly from an Artist

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